Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Money...What?!?!?! How????

Ladies and or Gentlemen,

here we go... so in order to live the "good life" you need money. you need money for everything, seriously no joke you need money for everything, nothing is free as i am sure you guys know. as this is my first post i will try and keep it simple untill someone reply or is even intrested.

making money is not something everyone is born with it is something which has to be learned, something you can teach, and something your can start to learn at any age. i was never tought as a child i had to learn it as a adult... its a good lesson and everyone should learn it. hmmm how to start lets start as a child. 

 la la la your just a kidd what the hell do you care what money is what it has to do with you right...nope! Well not only is it a good idea to start early but really its the best time to start. Very simple math. you sweet grandma who loves you very much give you a $100 dolalrs for your b-day every year. she has been giving it to you since you were 5 yrs old. if you take that 100 and put it in a CD every year till your ready to retire (65) you can add almost 107K to your back account... doesnt sound like alot but how about this. What if tomorrow i was to randomly show up to your house, ring ur doorbell, and give you $107,000.00 Pfffffft! you would be my god damm BFFFFFFFFFFF forever. Magic nope, Compund Intrest.

You can do the same any stage in the game (LIFE). Start a CD, 401k, Saving Account Just start something it will multipy like bunnies.

Do this now, do this often, Do this Always... Watch your money GROW.